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The Strongest Gay

Height 5’10”

Competition Weight 198lbs

Shane Paiva “The Strongest Gay” is an American powerlifter. He competes in the 198 pound class. He is the worlds most strongest gay pound for pound powerlifter. Born in the City of Taunton, MA Shane has always had an athletic background prior to powerlifting. He studied multiple forms of martial arts from ages 11 to 17 and also studied kickboxing for a short period of time. It wasn’t until 2013 when Shane met world-class powerlifter and former 182lb world powerlifting champion Ben Puccio of Boston, MA. It was after he met Ben his powerlifting career would begin to unfold. Upon the start of his powerlifting career he realized a majority of the lifters in his class were just as strong and if not even stronger. The competition was just too hot. In fact, many lifters were leaps and bounds ahead of his totals. Shane always strived to be number one at anything he did so he had to figure out a way to the top, no matter what… and he did! In early of 2015, Shane realized the competition was too much and had to make a drastic decision. He searched and searched for a solution to become number one then finally, he figured it out. Later 2015, Shane created a separate category of lifters. (which actually already existed) He separated the gays from the straights. That was easy considering the gays already had their own separate powerlifting competition held every 4 years called “The Gay Games” in which gays would compete in a series of athletics events, powerlifting being one of which. At the time, the strongest powerlifter of “The Gay Games” powerlifting competition wasn’t nearly as strong as Shane. It was then that Shane would be forever known as The Strongest Gay and rightfully so. On September 2015, Shane openly expressed his homosexuality via social media and the world was in shock. Could this be true? Was Shane really gay? Absolutely! He downloaded gay dating apps such as Grindr and in no time he was sucking dicks and clanging and banging asses all over the gay community. He was committed to being a champion no matter what adversities stood in the his way. After 2 weeks of fucking around on Grindr, he out of control. Not only did he announce all his homosexuality on social media but also many gay sexually charged ‘revealing’ pictures. It was official, Shane was openly proud about his sexuality and his self proclaimed name to the title of The Strongest Gay!